First Names and Variants

The first names recorded in the Irish church registers, were written mostly in English, however many, especially in Gaelic speaking parishes, were written in Latin. Some first names were also written using the Irish spelling or they are just Irish names.

When the first names were being transcribed, they were often standardised - the Latin names would have normally been entered in English. Some databases have been standardised to a higher degree than others.

Abbreviations are common in the Irish church registers e.g. "JN", "Pat.", "WM", "Eliz." & "Edw". These were normally extended to the full spellings but some abbreviations still remain in the databases.

Some records contain errors that were introduced during keying e.g. Partrick, Mihcael instead of Patrick or Michael. There are so many variant spellings of names such as Bridget and Catherine etc that it is difficult to know if the name is mis-spelt, an abbreviation or just a variant spelling.

Firstname Match Feature
The firstname match feature contains 2 options : 'Begins' and 'Include Firstname Variants' ...

  • Begins - retrieves records that begin with the search criteria entered - this is the default option
  • Include Firstname Variants - retrieves records matching the name entered or any variant of the name listed below
(This is currently only available at the county or centre search, and not on the all-Ireland search.)

Wildcard (%) A wildcard (%) can be used to match any character or range of characters in a search. For example the pattern "Jo%n" will match "John", "Joan", "Jonathan" etc. The wildcard can be used with 'Begins'.

List of First Name Variants

StandardVariants, Abbreviations, Pet names, Latin Spellings or Irish Spellings
AbigailAbigeal, Nabby, Abby, Abbi, Abagail, Abel, Abbey, Abigal
AgnesAgnus, Agness, Aggie, Agnys, Agnis
AlbertBertie, Bert, Bertram
AlexanderAlexius, Alexr, Alex, Alexis, Allexander, Alec
AliceAlicia, Alisia, Alecia, Alica, Ailis, Alis, Allis, Allice, Allicia, Alley, Aly, Ally, Allie, Alyce, Elis, Elisha, Elisia
AllenAllan, Alan, Alen, Allin, All., Al.
AlphonsusAlphonse, Alphonso, Phonsia, Phonsey, Fonsy
AmyAmie, Amey, Aimee, Amee, Aimy, Ami
AnnabellaAnna Bella, Anabella, Annabell, Annabel, Annabelle, Anabell
AnastasiaAnastatia, Anastacia, Anstice, Anastasiae, Anast, Anty, Ansty, Statia, Stasia, Stacey
AndrewAndreas, Andy, Andw, Andr, And, Andre, Drew
AnneAnna, Aine, Ann, Annie, An, Anney, Anny, Hannah, Hanna, Hana, Hanah, Hannagh, Hanagh, Hannie, Nan, Nance, Nancy, Nancey, Nannie, Nanny, Nannie, Nanno, Nano
AnthonyAntonius, Antony, Anthoney, Anth, Anthy, Ant, Anty, Tony, Anto, Anton, Antonio, Antoine
ArchibaldArchy, Archie, Archd, Archibold, Archey, Arch, Archbold
AaronAron, Arron, Aran
ArthurArt, Arther, Arty, Arthr, Arth, Artr, Aurthur, Authur
AugustineAugustus, Gus, Gussy, Agustine, Agustus, Agustin, Augustin, Agusta, Augustine, Augusta
AustinAusten, Auston, Austy
BarbaraBarbra, Bab, Barbera, Barb
BartholomewBartholemew, Barthlomew, Bartholmew, Bartholmew, Bart, Bat, Batr, Bartly, Bartley, Barthly, Bartle, Barth, Barthw, Batt, Batty, Bartie, Barthw, Barthy, Bartolomew, Batholomew
BeatriceBee, Betsy, Beattie, Beatrix, Bea, Beaty
BenjaminBenjamine, Ben, Benjamen, Benjn, Bengamin, Benjiman, Benj, Benjy
BernardBarney, Bernd, Berd, Benard, Barnard, Barnaby, Barny, Ber, Bern, Berny, Ber'd, Bern'd, Barnabas, Barnabus, Bernardus, Bearnard
BrendanBenny, Bren
BridgetBrigitta, Brigid, Beesy, Biddy, Bidy, Bridgid, Bridgett, Bridgt, Briget, Bgt, Brgt, Brid, Bride, Bridt, Bridgit, Brigit, Brigt, Bee, Bid, Bridg, Bridie, Brig, Brigida, Birdget, Delia, Bidelia, Bidilia, Bedelia, Bedilia, Brdget, Brdiget, Bridet, Bridg't, Bridge, Bridged, Bridger, Bridgie, Bridig, Bridy, Brigdet, Briged, Brigidae, Brigidam
BrianBrion, Brien, Bryan
CatherineCaitlin, Cait, Caitriona, Cath, Catharine, Catherina, Cathe, Cathrine, Cat, CTH, Cate, Catherin, Catheirne, Cathne, Cathy, Catty, Caty, Catharina, Cathr, Catheine, Catherinae, Cathleen, Cathn, Cathrn, Cassie, Cassy, Caterine, Cath'e, Catharin, Cather, Catheren, Catherien, Catheriene, Catherinam, Catherinee, Cathern, Catherne, Cathna, Cathre, Cathreine, Cathren, Cathrin, Cathrina, Catrine, Catt, Kitty, Kate, Kat, Katie, Katherine, Kathleen, Kath, Katharine, Katherin, Kathrin, Kathrine, Katherina, Kathy, Katey, Katy, Katty, Kattie, Kit, Kitt, Kity
CeciliaCecelia, Cecila, Cicilia, Ceclia, Cicelia, Cecllia, Cecily, Celia, Cilia, Cicely, Cicily, Selia
CharlesCharley, Charly, Charlie, Chas, Chs, Carolus, Cathal, Carlo, Charless, Charlis, Les
CharlotteCharlot, Charlott, Carol, Carroll, Carola, Lottie, Lot
ChristineChristina, Cristina, Chrissy
ChristopherCristopher, Chris, Christoper, Christr, Christy, Cristy
ClareClara, Claire
ClaudeClaudius, Claud
ConnorConor, Conner, Conn, Con
ConnellConnel, Conel, Conal
ConstantineConstance, Constant, Constantia
CormackCormac, Cormick, Cormic
CorneliusCornelious, Corny, Corney, Corneluis, Corn, Corns, Corneilus, Corneilius, Cornilius, Connie, Cornls, Conny, Cornelias, Cornelis, Cornelus
DanielDonal, Dan, Danl, Dan'l, Danny, Danielis, Danial, Daniell, Daneil, Danneil, Danil, Donnel
DermotDermott, Demetrius, Diarmuid
DAVIDDVD, Davy, Dave, Davd
DeborahDebora, Debby, Debra, Debbie, Deb, Debs
DenisDonnacha, Dennis, Denny, Den, Dinny, Dionisius
DominickDominic, Dom, Dominicus, Domnick, Domk, Domnic, Domonic, Domonick
DorothyDorothea, Dora, Dolly, Dorah, Doris, Darky, Dorcus, Dot, Dorathea, Dorathy, Dorethea, Dorethy, Dority
EdmundEdmundus, Edmundi, Eamon, Eamonn, Edmond, Edmd
EdwardNed, Edwd, Edw'd, Ed., Edw, Eddie, Ewd, Edy, Eddy, Edd, Neddy, Nedd, Eduardus, Ted, Teddy
EllenEleanor, Eleonora, Eleanora, Elenora, Ellenora, Elenor, Eleonor, Elinor, Elanor, Elleanor, Ellenor, Ellinor, Ellie, Elly, Elleanora, Elleonora, Helen, Helena, Hellen, Hellena, Lean, Leana, Elen, Elena, Ellena, Eileen, Ellin, Ellon, Nell, Nellie, Nelly, Elaine, Eleen, Eleln, Elener, Eleon, Eleonar, Eleoner, Elin, Elina, Elinora, Eleonorae, Eleonoram
ElijahElias, Elliot
ElizabethElisabeth, Eilish, Eliza, Elisa, Eliz, Elizth, Betty, Bety, Beth, Betsy, Bess, Bessie, Bessy, Bessey, Lizzie, Lizzy, Liz, Lisa, Liza, Lissie
EstherHester, Ester, Essy, Essie, Easter, Etty, Hesther, Hetty, Hessie, Hessy
EveEva, Aoife
FionnulaNuala, Finola, Finny, Fionnuala
FlorenceFlorrie, Florry, Flo, Flor
FrancesFran, Franny, Francie, Francesca, Fanny, Fannie, Fanie, Fanney, Fany
FrancisFrank, Frankie, Franciscus, Francy, Fras, Frs
FrederickAlfred, Fredrick, Fred, Fredk, Freddie
GeminaMina, Minna, Min
GeoffreyJeffrey, Geoffry, Jeff, Geoff
GeorgeGeo, Geroge, Georgie, Georgii, Georgius, Georgio
GerardGerrard, Gerry, Ger
GarretGarrett, Garett, Garet, Gary, Garry, Gareth, Garreth
GraceGratia, Grainne
GustavGustavus, Gustave
HenriettaHenrica, Harriet, Harriett, Hariett, Harriot, Hariet, Hariette, Hariot, Harrietta, Harriette, Harriott
HenryHarry, Henery, Hen, Henricus, Henrid
HonoraHonoria, Hanora, Hannora, Hannorah, Honour, Honorah, Hon, Honor, Honer, Honnor, Hanorah, Hanoria, Norah, Nora, Norry, Norrie, Onor, Nonie
HoraceHoratio, Horatius
HughHugo, Hugonis, Hugo, Hu, Eugene, Eugenius, Eugeni, Eoghan, Eugenius, Eoghan, Eug, Gene, Owen, Owin, Own, Owne, Owny, Oin, Moses, Mogue, Aidan, Edanus
IsaacIssac, Isac, Isacc, Isack
IsabelIsabell, Isabelle, Isabella
JacquelineJackie, Jacky, Jackey
JanetteJanet, Janett, Jeanette, Jennett
JamesJas, Jacob, Jacobus, Jams, Jim, Jacobi, Seamus, Jacobum, Jimmy, Jamie, Jacobo
JohannaJoan, Joanna, Jane, Joanne, Johana, Johannah, Joannes, Joane, Johanne, Jony, Siobhan, Judith, Judy, Jude, Sinead
JeanJeane, Jeanie, Jeannie, Jeanne
JemimaGemima, Gemina, Minny
JenniferJenny, Jennie
JeremiahJeremy, Jeremias, Darby, Jerimiah, Jermiah, Jemh, Jer, Jeramiah, Jeremia
JessicaJessie, Jesse
JohnJno, Jack, JN, Joannes, Joannis, Sean, Johnny, Johannes, Johnie, Shane, Shan, Shaun, Shawn
JonathanJonathon, Johnathan, Johnathon, Jonothan
JosephJoe, Jos, Josph, Josephus, Josephi, Jody, Joey
JulianJulius, Jules
JuliaJulie, Gillian, Gill, Gudith, Jillian, Jill, Julianna, Julian, Susan, Susanna, Susann, Susanne, Susie, Susy, Suzan, Suzanne, Susana, Susanah, Susannah, Suzanna, Shusan
KieranKyran, Keiran, Kiran, Ciaran, Keran
LancelotLot, Lotty, Lance
LaurenceLawrence, Laurance, Lawerence, Lawerance, Lawrance, Lawernce, Laurentius, Larry, Laur., Lce, Lar, Lawr, Lrce
LeonardLeonardus, Leo, Lenny, Linny, Les
LetitiaLetty, Latitia, Lericia, Letita, Lititia, Letetia, Leticia, Lettice, Letticia, Lettitia
LilyLillie, Lilly, Lillian
LouisLudovicus, Aloysius, Lewis
LoughlinLoughlan, Loghlin
LucyLucia, Lucille
MagdalenMagdalena, Madeleine
MargaretMargarett, Margaretta, Margarita, Mairead, Margret, Maggie, Margt, Madge, Magaret, Magey, Magy, Maggy, Maragret, Mar., Marg, Mag, Mags, Margeret, Marget, Margrett, Mgt, Margery, Margary, Madgey, Madgie, Madgy, Magie, Magret, Magt, Margarett, Margaretta, Marg't, Margaritae, Margarite, Margart, Peg, Peggy, Pegy
MarkMarcus, Marc
MarianMarianna, Marianne, Maryann, Maryanne, Mariann
MartinMTN, Murty, Murt, Mart., Martinus, Marten, Marty, Mt, Martini
MatthewMathew, Matt, Mat., Mathias, Matty, Matthias, Math, Mathw, Matw, Mattw, Matheus, Mattie
MaryMaria, May, Marie, Molly, Mariae, Maureen, Mollie, Maire, Mry, Mai, My, May
MauriceMorris, Moris, Morice, Morrice, Mauritius, Mauritio, Mrce
MichaelMichaelis, Micheal, Michl, Mick, Mike, Mikey, Mic, Mich, Mchl, Micahel, Michal, Michel, Micl, Ml, Mich'l, Mi., Micael, Michaelem, Michail, Michale, Michol, Mickey, Micky
MurtaghMortagh, Murtha, Murt, Murty, Morty, Mort, Mortimer
NaomiOnney, Onnie, Oney, Onny, Ony
NathanielNathan, Nathanial, Nathanael, Nathl, Nat, Nath
NealNeil, Neill, Neale, Nail, Niel, Neile, Nial, Niall
NicholaNicola, Nicol
NicholasNicolaus, Nick, Nicolas, Nich, Nic, Nics, Nichs, Nich's, Nichls, Nichl, Nicholi, Nicholaus
NigelNigellus, Nil
PatriciaPatrica, Patsy, Polly
PatrickPat, Patt, Patk, Paddy, Pat'k, Patritius, Patr, Partick, Patritii, Patricius, Parick, Patick, Patirck, Patritium, Patricii, Patrcik, Pk, Ptk, Pattrick, Patrk, Patritio, Padraig, Ptrick, Patrck, Patarick
PenelopeNappy, Penny, Pen
PeterPetrus, Pete, Petr, Petter
PhebePheobe, Pheby
PhilipPhillip, Phil, Phill, Philipp, Philippi, Phillipp, Philp, Philippus
PiercePierse, Peirce, Pearce, Pearse
RachelRachal, Racheal, Rachell, Rachael
RandalRandall, Randle
RandolphRodolph, Rodolphus
RebeccaRebeca, Rebbecca, Rebbeca, Rebecka, Rebeeca, Rebekah
RichardRichd, Dick, Rich, Rich'd, Ricd, Rickard, Ric'd, Ricardi, Rick, Ricardus
RobertRobt, Rob, Bob, Robbert, Rob't, Roberti, Robertus, Bobby
RodgerRogerius, Roger, Rodge
RoderickRody, Roddy, Rodrick, Rhody
RosaleenRosaline, Rosalie
RoseRosanna, Rosa, Rosy, Rosena, Rosina, Roseanna, Rosea, Rosey, Rosie, Rosannah, Rosan, Rosana, Rosann, Rosanne, Roseann, Roseanne
SamuelSaml, Sam, Samual, Samuell, Sammuel, Sammy
SarahSara, Sally, Saragh, Serah, Sera, Seragh, Sadie, Sar, Sarrah, Saly, Salley, Sal
SelenaSelina, Celina, Celena
SheilaSheelah, Shela, Shelah, Shiela
SibbySibina, Sebina, Siby
SimonSimeon, Symon
SophiaSophie, Spohy, Sophy
StanleyStanislaus, Stan
StephenStephan, Steven, Steph, Stephin, Steve, Stephani
StewardStewart, Stuart
SylvesterSilvester, Sylvestor, Vesty, Silvestor
TeagueTeige, Tague, Tadhg, Tadgh
TerenceTerrence, Terry, Terrance, Terance, Terre, Terrins, Terentius
TeresaTheresa, Teressa, Tessie, Teresia, Treasa, Tess, Therese, Tessy, Terese
ThomasThos, Tom, Tho's, Ths, Thoms, Thoams, Thom, Tomas, Thomae, Tommy, Thoma, Th's, Tho, Tommie
TimothyTim, Timy, Timothey, Timmothy, Timmy, Timotheus, Thady, Thaddeus, Thadeus, Thadius, Thaddy, Theady, Thade
VeronicaVera, Vere
WilliamWm, Willm, Will'm, W'm, Willie, Wiliam, Willaim, Will, Wil, Willy, Willliam, Billy, Willam, Wilm, Bill, Liam
WinifredWinny, Winefred, Winnifred, Winnie, Winfred, Winifrid, Winefride, Winifreda, Winey, Winnefred, Win, Wenefred, Winifride, Wini, Winfrid, Winefreda, Wenifred, Winafred, Wineford, Winefred, Winiford, Winifrida, Winney, Winy, Wyny

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